APM 140 F7 Doublet

APM 140mm F7 Doublet APO Refractor


APM Doublet SD Apo 140 f/7 FPL53 Optical Tube 

The new APM 140mm f/980mm Doublet brings you a large ED Doublet lens with FPl53 element at an unheard of price. As with all APM telescopes consistency is assured and each telescope goes through an interferometrical test at the 532nm (green) wavelength before shipping. 

Notable features of the APM 140mm ED APO: 

  • Good optical quality with good QC ED optics with FLP53 glass
  • Precise 3.7 "focuser with 1:10 mirco reduction for heavy accessories
  • With F7 focal length ideal for visual and photographic purposes with a reducer
  • CNC tube rings 
  • Carry handle 
  • Very good value for money

With 980mm focal length, the 140-SD Apo is an impressive all-rounder, delivering tight double star observing and high contrast detailed planetary views with only 9.8kg tube weight. 

Focuser Choice:The APM 140 ED is available with either a 2.5” or 3.7" Rack and Pinion focuser, with 1:10 fine focusing. Both are suitable for imaging. The 3.7" is capable of dealing with higher loads and also features a separate rotating rear connector. The 2” and 1.25” eyepiece adapters have a brass collar-type clamp.

Contact Altair Astro for the optional Starlight Instruments Feather Touch (model FTF3035B-A) if preferred. 

Imaging accessories include generic or APM field flatteners which maintain the focal length. There is also a dedicated Massimo Riccardi designed APM Reducer. This changes focal length by a factor of x0.75, resulting in a 735mm focal length and fast f5.25 focal ratio. (See recommended products) 

In the box:

  • Optical Tube
  • 1 Pair of Tuberings with handle
  • 3.7" Focuser with 1:10 Microfocusing
  • Losmandy-Style Dovetail
  • Shoe for Finderbracket


  • Type of telescope: Doublet ED-Apochromat
  • Lens: Doublet ED Apo with FPL-53 Element
  • Color: black / white
  • Tube material: Aluminium
  • Aperture: 140 mm
  • Focal ratio: f/7
  • Focal length: 980 mm
  • Coating: Multicoated
  • Resolution: 0.83"
  • Limit value: 12.5 mag
  • Max. useful visual power: 280 x
  • Backfocus: 180 mm
  • Focuser: 2.5" or 3.7" R&P Focuser, with 360° Rotation
  • Rear focuser aperture: 2"
  • Tube diameter: 152 mm
  • Length during observing: 1030 mm
  • Transportation length: 830 mm
  • Dewcap diameter: 186 mm
  • Length of dewcap: 290 mm
  • Total weight: 9.8Kg (with tube rings)
  • Availablity: Usually in UK stock, 2-4 Days if out of stock in the UK. 
These scopes are popular, therefore if APM themselves are out of stock, we'll contact you to let you know.