CFF Pricing

Note: Direct purchase from CFF Europe attracts higher rate of VAT and we do not currently accept warranty claims for items not bought from P2V.

Prices are subject to exchange rate variation and UK delivery charges, but include UK VAT.  

CFF refractors

Prices include tube rings, sliding dew shield and flight case.

CFF 105mm F6 refractor: from £2,775

CFF 140mm F6.5 refractor: from £6,125

CFF 160mm F6.5/F8 refractor: from £9,075

CFF 185mm F6.8 refractor: from £15,375

CFF 200mm F8 refractor: from £20450

Please call to discuss focuser and accessory options.

CFF Reflectors

250-400mm RC types: enquire, minimum 12 months delivery.

250-350mm Classical Cassegrain types: from £4,565